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About us

Nature’s infinite palette of garden blooms and the magical signature of a blossom inspired Ryan Wicks, former Head Chef, to turn his creative flair from food to flowers. Not all florists are chefs and not all chefs are florists; yet, the creativity of both can be melded into one soul. After all there’s no separation between décor and food- both convey unforgettable and true hospitality experiences.

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The dream

Ryan’s hands-on approach lead him to give substance to his dream and to start a business which took a name that encompasses the very essence of his passion, ‘Love Flowers’. What Ryan started in a converted garage in Rickmansworth back in 2007 has blossomed and grown beyond his belief.

After five years of building the shop and opening a workshop, he then moved onto the world of corporate reception displays in and around London. Thanks to his expertise, eye for detail, innovative slant and his infectious passion about what he does, he’s been able to pitch and land major venues, events and weddings against some of London’s top florists.

Ryan says…

I am exceptionally privileged and proud of how far Love Flowers has come since our journey started in 2007, I could never have envisaged how successful it would become, what amazing and loyal, dedicated staff I would have working with me and the brilliant, talented people I have met and also become friends with in the floristry, wedding and event industry.

I love meeting people, listening and building on their ideas or when there are no ideas and I have total free reign for my creative mind to go wild and the trust that is placed in me giving the freedom to create something magical.

I love that myself and all my team are so personable, relatable and down to earth and really will go that extra mile to ensure that the best floral experience is always achieved. Making people happy couldn’t make me happier.

Long may this love story continue!

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