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    On such a special occasion, flowers are more than a just a token; blousy blooms and flowing foliage are magical things and have the power to completely transform a wedding in terms of colours, shapes and scent. 

    On this journey, we build a close relationship and spend time to listen to your ideas, learn about your backgrounds, décor and tastes. We absorb the venue space, the lighting, the general style and atmosphere to help us understand your vision. Teaming up with each of our couples, we craft beautiful arrangements using seasonal flowers, foliage, and natural elements as a unique personal statement that conveys a bespoke sense of identity.

    We will walk alongside with you on this journey to understand your dreams, discuss options and explore the many varieties of flowers available; from simple flourishes decorating pew-ends to jaw-dropping walls of roses, there are endless ways to take a wedding to the next level and make it a truly unique sensorial experience.

    Every bouquet and floral display tells a story about one loving moment, creating a memory that returns with a whiff of lavender or lilac. That’s the intangible gift of bringing and arranging flowers into a couple’s life. Our ambition is to create amazing and unforgettable moments that showcase the beauty of flowers on the wedding day!